VOIP Termination

VoIP (Voice over IP) Termination is a service that permits directing a phone call from one operator to another with the use of different methods (e.g. Internet).

EasySMSCY is able to offer you the best VoIP Termination services in the market for set and mobile foreordinations all over the world, which you can perfectly consummate with your present substructure. Exploit our VoIP service low charges and trustworthiness and save time and money now.


EasySMSCY’s Interactive Voice Response(IVR) service permits your clients to interrelate with the systems of your company in an automatic way.

Whether you have a big customer list and your employees are too busy to reply to all the calls you receive daily, allow us to do the hard work for you. EasySMSCY will produce an IVR system especially planned for your requirements, which will direct your customers through the keypad of their mobile phone gadgets.

Using the IVR service, your clients can fins the precise solution, product or service that they look for, diminishing or eradicating the need to get in touch with your
Customer Support and talk to one of your personnel.

This service is extremely essential for companies that have both as a rule the contentment and support of their customers, and wish to save time and staff cost.


EasySMSCY’s Televoting is a one of its kind service that offers its users the capability to send in their votes by phone or SMS.

Televoting is used in many well-known competitions and TV shows for registering votes. It is the most famous way to put through voting, requesting from your viewers their opinion on a matter, organizing competitions and selecting winners.

If your business deals with live competitions, elections or TV shows that require people to vote, then EasySMSCY’s Televoting excellent service is exactly what you are looking for.

Premium Voice

In a growing world where telecommunication technology is deploying with fast pace, companies require top quality communication denouements to meet their needs.

EasySMSCY’s Premium Voice Termination Service is the key that you look for if you wish to raise your profits, by recommending the finest services and satisfaction to your customers.

We have the ability to offer you Premium Voice call termination with lengthy operator coverage at the most competitive prices in the market.