SMS Messaging / Notifications

Develop your business and increase your income with the most aimed promotional tool in the market.

SMS is the best business tool as far as the creation of trustworthiness and brand promotion is concerned.

With EasySMSCY’s mass SMS Messaging service you can:

  • Draw the path for more customers to reach you with just a single SMS

  • Raise the conscience of your company and extend to possible customers, wherever they are.

  • Notify and inform subsisting customers on your business’ new, sales and offers.

  • Create the feeling of importance to your customer by exploiting our personalized SMS.

  • Initiate expeditions with pre-programmed delivery. There is practically no limit in what you can do.

Join our Platform simply either by using a Web Account, an HTTP interface (API) or by SMPP and if you are still in doubt, ask for a free demo Account and experience our incomparable quality.

Sending an SMS was never so simple and fascinating. Get in touch with us now and let’s talk about contemporary and fascinating ways to achieve new efficiency levels with EasySMSCY’s easy-to-use SMS Platform.

SMS Vouchers

EasySMSCY’s SMS vouchering service is one of the most contemporary tools in the market worldwide for promoting products and services.

Companies offer vouchers to their customers globally for deductions to their products and services. These paper vouchers are hard to print, give out, cut and retake. They are also of high cost, which influence the company’s profits from the promotional campaign.

SMS vouchering is the new innovative service that radically raises the rapidity on distributing the voucher to the ultimate client and simultaneously decreases the costs of the whole procedure.

With EasySMSCY’s SMS Vouchering service you can:

  • Inform your customers in real time for special offers and reductions, rendering your products and services their first choice.

  • Produce vouchers fast, increasing your profits and saving cost on promotion campaigns.

  • Grow your customer’s trustworthiness to the products and services you offer and free your personnel’s time with our handy service.

Get in touch with us now for more information on our SMS Vouchering service and benefit from our quality and best pricing.

SMS Tickets

Goodbye Queue Lines!

EasySMSCY’s SMS Ticketing service provides consumers the possibility to purchase tickets directly with a simple SMS from their mobile phone. This service can be used to buy tickets for public transportation, concerts, museums or for any other service you can think of. If your company sells tickets, the EasySMSCY’s SMS Ticketing Service is the suitable service for you.

With EasySMSCY’s SMS Ticketing Service you can:

  • Indulge your customers by saving their time and permit access to buy from wherever they are.

  • Limit your expences.

  • Raise your personnel’s effectiveness and and bring your company up to date.

Get in touch with us today to talk about exciting and new ways on how our SMS Ticketing service can expand your business.

SMS Reseller

If the SMS business is something new for you and you feel like making profit but you are unaware of the way, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Our SMS Reseller Platform offers you a website full of potentials, a Control panel and Administration interface. With full modification potentials you can develop your SMS Reseller Platform, labeled with your own logo and modified to your company’s demands.

With EasySMSCY’s SMS Reseller Platform you can:

  • Be our partner now as a Reseller and begin earning money through our Reseller platform.

  • Make use of the trade name you prefer, make your own customer list and administer their accounts yourself.

  • Give the opportunity to your customers to resell to others

  • Resell SMS at the cost of your choice, setting your own profit boundaries.

Major characteristics of EasySMSCY’s SMS Reseller Platform:

  • Totally adaptable white-label front-end application

  • 2-level Reselling system

  • Complete Reseller Management Panel

  • Exclusive Country / District licensing disposable

  • Powered by EasySMSCY Messaging Gateway

Ask for a free Demo Reseller Account today and get to know our quality and customer-oriented support. Get in touch with us and allow us to lead you to a fascinating opportunity.

SMS Responses

EasySMSCY’s SMS Responses service facilitates the communication with your customers in a very effective and cost efficient way by settling a 2way SMS intercourse between you and your customers. The SMS Responses service is an exceptional tool, either when you need to make out your customers’ opinion on your products and services, or when you want to delete mobile phone numbers from your customer list when they do not wish to receive SMS with your offers.

By using  EasySMSCY’s SMS Responces you can:

  • Facilitate communication between you and your customers.

  • Develop your products and services according to your customer’s opinion.

  • Clear your mobile number record list of customers who do not wish to be notified for your services.

  • Arrange competitions and give away prizes.

Two solutions are offered for this exceptional service by EasySMSCY:

  • Long Code numbers

  • SIM Hosting

Based on your needs, our qualified staff can direct you to make the best choice for your business.