Premium SMS

Premium SMS is the perfect way to charge your customers for a wide variety of services for which it would be extremely complex or unachievable to charge with other payment methods.

Customers can buy mobile content (videos, games, applications etc) or other recreational and useful services, and be charged to their mobile phone invoice without using credit cards, bank transfers etc.

Premium rate SMS has the same notion as a typical rate SMS but with one difference. The users are charged by sending SMS to a Premium Rate Short Code with a particular tariff (e.g. 2 EUR/SMS) to download the preferred subject matter or to ask for a service.

EasySMSCY can supply you with Premium Rate Short Codes of alternative tariffs in numerous countries, allowing you to sell your content and services to millions of mobile subscribers through a single unified platform.

Get in touch with us today to get informed on our rate cards for the countries of your interest, and learn how you can use EasySMSCY’s┬áPremium Rate SMS service to begin making profit.