EasySMSCY offers end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions since 2002. With our multiple direct SMSC connections with operators spanning over 5 continents, we provide our customers with high quality SMS delivery all over the world. EasySMSCY has a global reach of more than 1135 Mobile Operators worldwide and we continuously expand our cover to even more networks to enable our customers reach their end-users no matter the country they are in.

Having built strong business relationships with network operators and carriers, allows us to aggregate Bulk SMS traffic in large messaging volumes, thus offering the lowest prices possible.

MS service (MT-SMS) to deliver messages to networks in more than 220 countries (and territories). Features like delivery reports, support of ported numbers, alphanumeric originator and long SMS messages are included as standard.

SMS Communication Platform Features

  • 1200 SMS Output/sec per route (overall capacity of 23000 SMS/sec)

  • No extra charge for Delivery Reports

  • Global Network Coverage of over 1135 GSM networks worldwide

  • Numeric Sender ID and Dynamic Alphanumeric

  • Simple, personalized or non-personalized text messages support(160 characters)

  • Unicode text messages support(69 characters) in other languages (Turkish, Chinese, Arabic etc.)

  • Binary content support (pictures, videos, ringtones, group graphics etc)

  • Full Portability support

  • Clever Routing

  • Load Balancing Architecture

  • Fully Redundant Setup

  • World-class Dedicated, Infrastructure

For examples and instructions concerning the integration of our services in your existing system, check our Developers Area. Take the chance and ask for a test account today.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services (VAS) are of vital importance for enterprises that seek to decrease costs and at the same time increase productivity through adopting a supple mobile working environment for their personnel. Yet the importance of VAS when it comes to creating complete Enterprises Solutions is not restricted to smartphones and laptops; it stretches into other environments, either inside or outside the boundaries of an organization, i.e Mobile CRM ,Vehicle Tracking, applications of Chain Management and Mobile Healthcare.

EasySMSCY is among the most competitive companies in this field offering worldwide customers a wide range of innovative services of high quality. More than 10 years of experience in the development of VAS, enable EasySMSCY to help Mobile Operators and Enterprises all over the world to reach their target market and raise their profit.

Value added services and solutions for MNOs and Enterprises as well as latest technology software are offered by EasySMSCY along with the platform in order to provide service to those who wish to launch the market with new applications in a short period of time.

Mobile Payments, Billing, Voice Messaging, Mobile Healthcare, Wireless CRM and ERP applications are only some of the solutions that we  provide our clients with. Without being obliged to purchase expensive hardware or software platforms but simply by using the existing  infrastructure Enterprises are able to develop profitable business models by taking advantage of our value added services and solutions.

VAS for Enterprises

  • Mobile Application Development & Management

  • Mobile Messaging

  • Mobile Security

  • Mobile Payments & Commerce

  • Entertainment Platforms

  • Music, Video & Gaming Services

  • Wireless CRM & ERP

  • Mobile Government

  • Mobile HealthCare Applications

  • Location & Tracking

  • Fleet Management

  • M2M & Telematics

Unified Voice Communications

By combining various communications to create a single solution you help not only your employees but also your suppliers and clients interact easily and quickly. Integrate real-time communication services like telephony(IP telephony included), instant messaging(chat), date sharing , video conferencing, speech recognition and call control with non-real-time communications services  like unified messaging(e-mail, fax, integrated voicemail) via our Unified Voice Communication Services.

Your business efficiency will be optimized and human interaction will be enhanced by reducing latency, eliminating media and device dependencies and managing flows.

Your business will be taken to the top through the high quality and the most competitive prices EasySMSCY has to offer.

Mobile Billing Platform

EasySMSCY Web-Billing Platform will optimize the payments of all your customers. The mobile phone accounts of your clients will be charged directly bypassing the use of credit cards/debit cards or on line payment sites where pre-registration is required. Another option for this service is the Premium Rate SMS when charging your customer’s mobile account is not possible.

Secure, easy, convenient and fast, EasySMSCY’s Mobile Billing Platform will change the way you interact and do business with your clients.

Video and Voice Messaging

Save money, save time, save energy and resources by stopping making countless phone calls during your working day .Free the hands of your sales Department employees and make the most of our service that provides thousands of  instant calls and immediate replies from your clients.

EasySMSCY newest Voice and Video Messaging Service is actually a mobile application which offers the user the sending of short videos and voice messages to other mobile users. Depending on your needs and demands, in Bulk or one at a time, one thing is for sure. That Voice Messaging will revolutionize your client approach in ways you could not imagine possible using high quality technology.